About Us

Who is ATG?

ATG Sports Management is a full-service Sports and Media management agencyWe specialize in representing athletes and Sport Talent throughout their careers and beyond. We ensure that all aspects of our clients’ careers are taken care of so that they can focus on what they do best.    

Our clients range from experienced North American and European based professional athletes, senior and youth internationals, media personalities and talent, as well as sporting brands.

What We Do

ATG is cemented as a leading North American agency. Guiding the career trajectory of our clients within the top North American and European Clubs. As well as working with some of the biggest brands off-the-pitch. As We aspire to have strong-willed, like minded, professionals join us in our journey as a leading sports, marketing and media management agency in North America.   

Our agency has a track record that speaks for itselfSuccess is in our DNA. Since our inception, ATG has achieved record transfer of athletes from North America to Europe, placing athletes in top leagues across Europe and North America. Our management services have allowed our athletes to focus on their performances and maximize their potential, which in turn has ATG as one of the leading agencies in North America. 

In addition to on-field services, we have a dedicated in-house team that services our clients’ off-field needs with the same level of experience and expertise. Our services include; Marketing & Brand Strategy, Social-Media & digital Management, Public Relations & media, and a team solely focused on Sponsorship & Partnerships. Over the years, we have grown our athletes social-media presence by a combined total of over 12 million new followers across all social-media platforms. 

The future is here, and we are only getting startedWe are here to forge champions and define legacies!

How We Started

ATG was founded in 2015 by Nedal Huoseh, whose first client was a 15-year-old Alphonso Davies. From longtime family friend and youth coach, Huoseh, an established entrepreneur in Edmonton, Alberta Canada was appointed as Alphonso’s agent.    

Huoseh and ATG earned the reputation of producing unparalleled service and results for Alphonso, which spread throughout the industry, and forced everyone to take noticeThis is the moment ATG changed the game.  

Today, ATG boasts a formidable roster of professional athletes and youth players in professional academies in North America and Europe.  We have an unprecedented pipeline of young talent, and strong relationships with clubs throughout the world.  

We have grown from a single athlete representation to a full-fledged agency, which currently ranks in the top 4 in North America. As an organization, we have grown to have a full-time in-house staff, located from coast-to-coast in Canada, that specializes in each area of the industry as it continues to be our mission to provide premium services to all our talent at ATG Sports Management.