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About Us

ATG Sports Management is a boutique, full service athlete representation agency that specializes in North American and European football.
ATG Sports Management represents global superstars, senior and youth internationals, as well as the next generation of professional youth academy athletes. At ATG we are always looking for the ‘Diamonds in the Rough’.

ATG Sports Management is Canadian based, full-service athlete management agency that specializes in representing young athletes and guiding them through their careers. ATG ensures that all aspects of an athletes career are taken care of so that they can focus on performing on the field.
Our clients range from experienced North American and European based professionals, Senior and Youth Internationals, as well as some of the top young prospects in Canada.
As ATG continues to grow into a leading Canadian sports agency in guiding the growth and careers of our athletes within the top North American and European Clubs, we aspire to have strong willed, like minded, young professionals join us in our journey of becoming a leading player management agency in North America.
ATG has a track record that speaks for itself. In such a short span of time, ATG has been able to achieve the record transfers of athletes from MLS to Europe, placing young professionals in CPL and MLS, as well as taking athletes directly from amateur clubs to European trials and contracts. Our management services have allowed our athletes to excel in their performances, which in turn has ATG as the Canadian agency with the highest cumulative transfer value.
As a growing agency, we are very excited to see what the future has in store for us and all of our ATG family members!

How Nedal and ATG started

ATG was founded in 2015 by Nedal Huoseh, whose first client was a 15-year-old Alphonso Davies .From long time family friend and youth coach, Huoseh, an established entrepreneur in Edmonton, Alberta Canada was appointed as Alphonso’s agent. The Davies family encouraged Huoseh to take the role of representing Alphonso given their long-standing relationship prior to Alphonso being a football player.

Househ quickly realized that his initial intention of taking on Alphonso Davies as a sole client needed to change. Many young athletes started to reach out to Huoseh looking for support in their career. They were seeking someone that would give them a chance, open up the doors, and believed in them the same way Huoseh believed in Davies from day one.