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Our Service

Social Media Management

ATG Sports Management will keep your social media up to date while maintaining a consistent brand. ATG is experienced and has a proven track record of growing our clients following and engaging with their audience.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

ATG Sports Management will will help you find innovative ways to promote and connect you to a larger audience to increase your online presence. ATG will support you with discovering and creating your own brand, based on your interests and values.

Contract Management

ATG Sports Management will work tirelessly to ensure you are provided with the best contract possible, on both the sporting and commercial side. Our team does constant market research and analysis to ensure you get what you deserve through your contracts.

Sponsorship & Endorsement

ATG Sports Management will help you identify and secure sponsors that fit with your brand and that you stand for. We have a network of a wide variety of potential sponsors and brands to help grow your profile.

Public & Media Relations

ATG Sports Management can manage your relations with the media and the public. We can manage media & public appearance requests, as well provide a media strategy that is tailored to your needs. Our goal is to ensure you have the best platform to communicate with your audience while providing you with the necessary exposure to grow your band.

Post Career Services

Financial planning. Mentorship. Educational opportunities. Merchandising.